Please note, this writing has been taken from my written diary. It has all been shortened so that I didn't have to type it all up. Please be appriecitive of what i have typed up because it took a while...

We have arrived!             26/9/12            4:27pm (AU)

A long day of travelling resulted in a beautiful place to be! A short 6 hours of tossing and turning was followed by an awakening at 4am. (I wasn’t supposed to get up until 5.30am, but I was so excited!) Kylie, Tiani and Kyeesha were around at 6am ready to go and we embarked on a two hour journey to Brisbane Airport. We went through customs and immigration and then finally on the plane 6 hours after I woke up! I had to sit next to random people so I couldn’t sing or dance to my music! It was a two and a half hour flight; we arrived at 2:15pm (VT). We stood in line, got our passports stamped, and off we went to the resort! A group of men welcomed us with a song and a free welcome drink!


The culture is amazing!            26/9/12            8.45pm (VT)
                                                                        7.45pm (AU)

We went for a walk into the supermarket, the buses honk at you, asking if you want a ride. Everybody looks so happy and they all say “hi”. There are no road rules! No speed limits, lines, seatbelts, signs or traffic lights. They drive on the right side of the road and basically do whatever they want! The money is interesting and their music is similar to ours. After that we had dinner (which was completely free for kids!) and watched the islanders do a dance practically naked! After that we went for a night swim!

Day one photos!

Day 2                        27/9/12            6:05pm (VT)
                                                5:05pm (AU)

We had a buffet breakfast, which was amazing! We went for a walk around the resort, there are awesome things like free kayaking, a giant chess board, snorkelling, kids club, and heaps more! We kayaked out to Erikor Island (which isn’t far away) and snorkelled there. We relaxed by the pool for lunch and afterwards we went to kids club and made a bracelet! We came back to the pool and bought a slushie at the swim up bar!

Day 2 Photos!

Day 3                        28/9/12            9:01pm (VT)
                                                8:01pm (AU)

Woke up, had breakfast! Did the same thing we did yesterday morning (kayaking and snorkelling) and we saw a seahorse! We learnt how to crack open a coconut! Then we weaved a headband out of grass at the activities centre. After that we went into town to do some tourist shopping! I bought a towel, 4 postcards, 3 bracelets, and an awesome handbag for me- it’s an owl! We had dinner at the waterfront restaurant and came back to Le lagoon (our resort) to watch the Hawaiian dancers.

Day 3 photos!

Day 4                         29/9/12            8:47pm (VT)
                                                7:47pm (AU)

Today was our “relaxing day” as mum referred to it. We sat at the pool reading and Tiani cut her toe in the pool! After lunch we made hula grass skirts at kids club.  Ryan and I played volleyball with the beach ball (our record is 21 hits).  We went hermit crab collecting for after dinner when we had a hermit crab race with kids club. We had dinner at Erikor Island, it was good.

Day 4 photos!

Day 5                        30/9/12            3:20pm (VT)
                                                2:20pm (AU)

I swam with a shark today…YOLO! Today we went on a tour to “Blue Lagoon” and “Crystal Blue Lagoon Resort”. Blue lagoon was so perfect! It was like someone had poured blue food die in the water! We snorkelled and swum there but that is not all! There was a Tarzan rope swing, and it was really high! I nearly chickened out but then I thought, “What if I never come back here?!” and I did it and it was GREAT! WE went to Crystal blue lagoon resort (which is more like a zoo) and they had coconut crabs, yabbies, baby turtles, fruit bats, and green lizards. BUT that is not all! They had giant turtles and sharks! We got to swim with them! It was awesome! The tour guide told us the sharks didn’t have teeth, but we later found out they did!

Day 5 photos!

Day 6                        1/10/12            8:50pm (VT)
                                                7:50pm (AU)

We didn’t really do much today. We visited the school (kindergartens) they were really cute! We had lunch at the resort, went snorkelling for a little while, I saw a six limbed starfish! Ryan and mum collected hermit crabs and we had our own private crab races, which ended up being called the “Hermit Hunger Games” because we added obstacles.

Day 6 photos!

Day 7                        2/10/12            8:26pm (VT)
                                                7:50pm (AU)

Well today was our last day, and it was a great day. We went to Mele Bay at 9:30 or so in the morning and played on the free water toys and got to go on a toe behind (an air mattress with handles that can carry 4 people being toed by a jet ski). We came back to the resort just in time for lunch. We had a cocktail/mocktail at the swim up bar. Then I washed my hair and got it braided at kids club. We played bingo at kids club and I won!

Day 7 photos!