How to Fish Tail Braid

(Dedicated to Simonah!)


Don't worry if yours looks like this! I'm here to help!

(That was me when I was learning!)

1. Split all of your hair into two parts, still all on the back of your head.


2. Start on the right piece (Or the left it doesn't matter.) and section off a small piece of hair from the outer side of the big piece. (The smaller the piece you grab, the more it will look like a fish tail braid, if you begin to grab larger pieces it will start to look like a normal braid.)


3. Pull the smaller piece over the right large piece and make it join into the left piece. That small piece is now apart of the left side.


4. Now grab a small piece from the outer left large piece and pull it over the left largepiece, making it join to the right large piece, it is now apart of the right piece.


5. Continue this all the way to the bottom of your hair. The fishtail braid can be very time consuming when just beginning to learn, but like anything else practise makes perfect. So as you practise, you will get faster and better.


(This is my friend Tiani, hair done by me, different person than in previous photos.)

Thanks to Angeline for help with this page and for allowing me to use your hair as an example.

Hope this helped!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at fiona@stankey.comor post a comment here.