Tyrin, Simonah, and Cody. I'll give a quick description of each of them, so that in the future if I put a photo on, you'll know who it is.



Tyrin is my best friend who I met in primary school. When we started highschool (Start of 2011) she went to a different school than me. But we maintained our friendship and I love her to bits! Tyrin is one of those friends who you can tell every little secret to; she also isn't afraid to tell you her honest opinion.

Me on the left, Tyrin on the right.


Simonah only moved to my school at the start of 2012, and our friendship blossomed from there! She is one of those friends who makes you laugh like CRAZY! We always talk in a funny accent and we make lots of fun memories.

Me on the left, Simonah on the Right.


Cody and I met at the start of highschool, we were just friends in 2011, but this year she's in my class and we have grown closer! Cody is one of those beautiful friends. She's just everything in one and acts differently every day!

Me on the left, Cody on the right.


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